The core objective of the programme is training the future specialists in management, in general, and in the management of small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, in line with the European demands on the professional and transversal competencies expected from the graduates of a Master programme in Management area of study. The relevance of such a programme is justified by the current economic and social background characterised by small and medium-sized firms with flat organisational structures, with a dynamic activity in respect of volume and structure, firms in which the staff has multiple and diversified responsibilities, firms based on information technology and access to knowledge, centred on teamwork and project development. Besides the labour market orientation of the programme, the initiation of teaching and learning activities in English will contribute to the graduates developing linguistic abilities and, implicitly, to better employment opportunities. The Entrepreneurship and Organizational Management Master Program taught in English is included in the master's degree domain Management, accredited at the Faculty of Law and Economics Constanţa, from the Spiru Haret University.

The program is mainly focused on training, education and training of future specialists in management and, especially, in the management of small and medium enterprises, corresponding to the European requirements on professional and transversal competences expected from graduates of master in management. The relevance of such a study program is supported by the current socio-economic context, characterized by small and medium-sized companies with flat organizational structures, with dynamic activity in terms of volume and structure, with multiple and varied tasks.

Master's degree program Entrepreneurship and Organizational Management will provide its graduates some compatible skills with a range of qualifications, as well: managers of large companies; managers of small and medium enterprises; Teachers in higher education, secondary and assimilated; Specialists with intellectual and scientific occupations. In addition, graduates will also obtain the skills and knowledge needed to conduct their business. Thus, the skills developed are found in many profiles established for different jobs offered by employers, because the professional skills related to master's degree program graduates are able to ensure the possibility to involve in all processes related support management activities, and in the processes of operating systems management as well. The subjects included in the curriculum of the master's degree program like Strategic Management, Methods and Management Techniques, Controlling, Managerial Accounting, Integrated Information Systems Management, E-business etc. are designed to develop such professional skills.

Complementing the structure and guidance of the study program to the labor market, conduct teaching in English will help develop the language skills of graduates and thus to increase employability. It's about the opportunity to access jobs in multinational companies operating at national or international level, as well as about local specific of jobs such as tourism, customs activities, shipping activities, crewing activities that require the ability to communicate fluently in English.

The Entrepreneurship and Organizational Management Master Program has 4 semesters, each semester having 30 transferable credits in the European system (ECTS). The 120 study credits of the master program are obtained by graduates after completing a total of 886 hours of study, as follows: 476 hours of courses and 410 hours of seminars, laboratories and specialized practice. So, we consider that graduates of the Entrepreneurship and Organizational Management Master Program taught in English will gain a solid professional competence and communication skills in English, liable to make them being appreciated on the labor market, which will lead to a level of employability of 70%. Based on these considerations, the establishment of the Entrepreneurship and Organizational Management Master Program is found to be appropriate and legitimate.

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