Presentation of the Faculty  

          The Faculty of Law and Economics, Constanta was established following the reorganisation process taking place within Spiru Haret University, in 2015, as per Government Resolution no. 575 / 2015, published in the Official Journal of Romania of 27 July 2015, as a result of the merger of the Faculties of Law and Public Administration and Financial and Accounting Management, Constanta.

The faculty’s mission is enabling the implementation of the theoretical concepts making the object of the teaching / learning and research process, and contributing to the regional economic and social development and to the future graduates finding employment, due to the quality of the academic activities and to the partnerships signed with organisations and experienced practitioners in the economic and legal fields.    

We pay a special attention to the hands-on component of the teaching / learning process, therefore we initiated the legal and economic simulation labs within the faculty (simulated courtroom, simulated hotel-restaurant, simulated bank).    

Due to the teaching / learning conditions, the students’ and Master candidates’ achievements and the professional qualification of the teaching staff, all programmes of studies, whether undergraduate or Master programmes, are accredited by ARACIS.   

The Faculty of Legal Sciences and Economic Sciences, Constanta offers the students and Master candidates a modern learning environment.   

Undergraduate programmes of studies

  • Law – 4 years / 240 credits
  • Management - 3 years / 180 credits
  • Accounting and Business Data Processing - 3 years / 180 credits

Master programmes of studies

  • Criminal Sciences – 1 year / 60 credits
  • Organisational Management and Entrepreneurship -  2 years / 120 credits
  • Social Dialogue and Communication in the workplace - 1 year / 60 credits
  • Accounting, Expertise and Audit - 2 years / 120 credits – a CECCAR affiliated programme

Postgraduate programmes of studies

  • Business management – 180 hours / 20 credits
  • Management of tourism activities - 180 hours / 20 credits
  • Management of commercial activities –180 hours / 20 credits
  • Management of education organisations -180 hours / 20 credits

      The Faculty of Law and Economics, Constanta focuses on providing the students and the teaching staff a proper educational and research environment that fosters creation and innovation, communication, collaboration and performance, in order to consolidate our position in the Romanian economic higher education, to ensure European visibility and the development of the professional and transversal competencies which will enable the future graduates to be competitive on the Romanian and European Union labour markets.